What is the difference between ips touch screen and capacitive touch screen ?

Capacitive touch screen is the name of design for the touch screen. In fact, IPS is not a material, on the contrary, It is a technical name. Its essence is super TFT. In another word, IPS screen is also a kind of TFT screen. But which one is better ? without a doubt, the screen using […]

What is the difference between a capacitive touch screen and an infrared touch screen?

Generally speaking, the difference is that the infrared touch screen has grooves, it is sensitive to glare, also thicker and heavier, but the price is much cheaper. While the capacitive screen machine is more beautiful, attractive, lighter and thinner, and is purely flat and easy to implement. 1. Infrared touch screen The infrared technology touch […]

What is the difference between capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen ?

Touch sensitivity. Resistive touch screen: Pressure is required to enable each layer of the screen touch. You can use your fingers (even with gloves), nails, stylus, etc. It is very important to support stylus in Asian market, where gestures and text recognition are preferred. Capacitive touch screen: The finest contact come from the surface of […]

What are the main applications of capacitive touch screens ?

The working theory of capacitive touch screen technology is by ultimizing the current sensing of the human body. There are mainly two kinds of capacitive trouch screens,they are surface capacitive screen and projected capacitive screen (inductive capacitive screen). Projected capacitive screens which featuring the high light transmittance, fast response speed and long life span etc […]

What is the difference between a capacitive touch screen and a TFT screen ?

You can not compare the capacitive touch screen and TFT screen directly, since they are two different kinds of components.They can be both found on most of the mobile phones. A capacitive touch screen is a touch screen that is transparent like glass and does not display anything or emit light. Its function is to sense […]