What is the difference between a capacitive touch screen and an infrared touch screen?

Generally speaking, the difference is that the infrared touch screen has grooves, it is sensitive to glare, also thicker and heavier, but the price is much cheaper. While the capacitive screen machine is more beautiful, attractive, lighter and thinner, and is purely flat and easy to implement.

1. Infrared touch screen

The infrared technology touch screen is composed of infrared emitting and receiving sensing elements mounted on the outer frame of the touch screen.

The infrared detecting net is generated on the surface of the screen.Any touch object can alter the infrared rays on the touch spot to complete the touch screen operation. The infrared touch screen is implemented in a similar way to surface acoustic wave touch, using infrared emitting and receiving sensing components.

An infrared detection net was generated on the surface of the screen by those components. The object of touch operation such as fingers can alter the infrared rays of the touch spot, it will be converted into a coordinate position of the touch spot to complete the operational response.On the infrared touch screen,there are infrared transmitting tubes and infrared receiving tubes which were inlayed on the four sides of the circuit board devices, which corresponding to forming an infrared matrix intersecting horizontally and vertically.

2. Capacitive touch screen

A capacitive touch screen is a layer of transparent special metal conductive material attached to the surface of the glass. When the finger touches the metal layer, the capacitance of the contact changes, so that the frequency of the oscillator connected to it changes, and the the touch spot can be determined by measuring the frequency change. Since the capacitance varies with temperature, humidity, or grounding conditions, its stability is poor, and drift often occurs.

Additional information:

The features of the infrared touch screen are:

  1. High stability, which will not drift due to changes in time and environment; high adaptability, free from interference of current, voltage and static,it is suitable for some harsh environmental conditions (explosion-proof, dust-proof); High light transmission without intermediate medium, up to 100% standard;
  2. Long life span, high durability, scratch resistance, long touch life; good performance, sensitive to touch pressure, no special requirements for the body of touch; supporting simulation 2 points under XP, support in WIN7 2 points; support USB, serial output; resolution is 4096 (W) * 4096 (D); operating system compatibility.

Features of the capacitive touch screen features are:

  1. A thin electrode is plated on all four sides of the touch screen to form a low voltage alternating electric field in the conductive body. When the screen is touched, a coupling capacitor is formed between the finger and the conductor layer, due to the electric field of the human body.And the current from the four electrodes flows to the contact, and the current intensity is proportional to the distance from the finger to the electrode, and the controller located behind the touch screen is The ratio and strength of the current are calculated, and the touch spot is accurately calculated.
  2. Capacitive touch screen double glass can not only protect the conductor and sensor, but also can prevent external environmental factors from affecting the touch screen effectively. Even if the screen is stained with dirt, dust or oil, the capacitive touch screen can still calculate accurately the touch spot.
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